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Other Acoustic Products

Noise limiters to door seals
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Noise limiting devices, Acoustic testing, Door seals, Acoustically absorbent furniture, are but a few of the products that we deal with directly. Where we are not the expert you need, we pride ourselves on knowing when this is the case and pointing you in the right direction, knowing that satisfied customers come back.

AET Sound Sentinel

Sound Sentinel
Protection against excessive noise levels in public places and the workplace

Our Sound Sentinels are successfully in operation in many areas including nightclubs, bars, village halls, manufacturing and heavy industry, guarding against excessive noise. In some cases to protect the premises licence and be a good neighbour or to protect employees from intrusive or dangerous noise levels within the workplace. Fixed and portable versions are available to suit user requirements.

How the Sound Sentinel Works

The Sound Sentinel monitors the ambient noise level every second via the microphone on it’s base. It records an average of sound over the last second, so short peaks will be smoothed out and sustained noise will be measured. The sound level measured is indicated on the lamp set and a warning is flashed only when noise levels approach the maximum permitted for the area. The entertainment option can also operate a relay to interrupt a dedicated power supply, cutting off the amplifiers for a predetermined time, after which power is automatically reinstated.

Sound Sentinel for the workplace

Industrial Version

Protects employees from sustained dangerous noise levels

The Sound Sentinel provides a visual indicator of when hearing protection is required, an auto-alert facility is also available to alert supervisors via radio link. The Sound Sentinel is preset to flash a warning as noise levels approach the action levels of 80 dBA and 85 dBA - the limit industry demands an employer to supply hearing protectors.

  • Built-in microphone to measure noise levels
  • Flashes a warning as noise levels approach the permitted maximum
  • Indicates maximum and flashes strobe light on top if excess continues
  • A visual reminder to use hearing protection in noisy work areas
  • Fixed and portable versions available

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Sound Sentinel for nightclubs and bars

Entertainment Version

Protects against loss of licence in nightclubs and bars

The red xenon lights flash when the preset alarm level is exceeded. Should the noise level not decrease, the lights become solid red and the noise source will be cut off for a pre-determined time before resetting. The Sound Sentinel will then return to normal operation. The operator will quickly learn to keep within the agreed (or safe) noise level.

  • Built-in microphone to measure noise levels
  • Automatically cuts off noise source for a predetermined time
  • Indicates maximum and cuts off sound source if excess continues
  • Fixed and portable versions available

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Speech privacy tests

Testing Speech Privacy

At AET we are able to provide STIPA testing to establish the current speech intelligibility index in the office (or other indoor) environment. This information can be then be utilised as indication of the required improvements needed to establish a good acoustic working environment.

Public address (PA) systems

PA Systems

It is often the case that sound masking is installed as a separate element to the general PA system. This does not need to be the case. All out sound masking systems are capable of producing PA to the highest standards. Sound masking uses a higher density of speakers and so produces incredible audibility. What about area’s with no sound masking, such as hallways and reception? The answer is we still include these areas in the system, we simply remove the sound masking signal and keep the PA. With a PA and sound masking system, we adapt like any other PA supplier be it needing in ceiling speakers in some areas, or wall mounted in others we have the solutions to provide high quality PA throughout any building.