Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels
- providing the very best in acoustic absorption

Acoustic Panels

These panels not only look great but provide the very best in acoustic absorption. Used in applications such as Theatres, broadcasting studios, churches, offices and cinemas. They comprise a moulded fibreglass panel providing superb acoustics as well as a very lightweight but robust panel. These panels have a fabric finish, selected from either the standard ranges or from client selection (subject to suitability).

The panels (which come in a maximum single size of 2.7m by 1.2m ) are easily fixed on site using various methods such as Tee joints, Butt joint system and a shadow joint system.

Panels are easily trimmed on site. Panels are available in two thickness sizes 25mm and 40mm. In addition barrier materials can be built into the panels. Need something bespoke? Call and we will get you the solution you need.

Custom printed accoustic panels

Photocoustic Panels

These decorative acoustic panels are covered by digitally printed fabric to produce stunning quality pictures or art that is effective at reducing the reverberation or echo problem for the area they are installed in. Installed in areas of high aesthetic need in place of a plain wallcoustic panel, they add pleasing to the eye acoustic absorption to board rooms, meeting rooms, open plan offices, restaurants and reception areas. Thinking of getting logo art? Print it on an acoustic panel and get better acoustics at the same time. Any wall image can now improve your offices acoustics too.

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Modern accoustic panels to match office decor

Wallcoustic Panels

The Wallcoustic range of fabric coated acoustic panels are designed to reduce the reverberation or echo problem of any area of office space. Durable, fire rated and durable these panels give excellent acoustic performance while remaining aesthetically pleasing. There are various easy ways to install these panels which can act as a feature wall or be a discreet installation. With two standard different thickness we can provide class A acoustic performance at 40mm or compromise for aesthetic design at 25mm. These panels also come in a wide range of shapes, from rectangles to clouds.

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