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Here at AET we are still working hard behind the scenes and from home to ensure we bring you the best in Sound Masking innovation. We hold everything in stock, made and manufactured right here in the UK. We hope everyone stays safe and well!

Leaders in Sound Masking innovation for increased privacy

and less distraction from unwanted noise

AET are one of Europe’s leading Sound Masking Companies. Sound Masking, (also known as sound conditioning, white and pink noise systems) is a method of providing enhanced speech privacy wherever it is needed. From Cork to Istanbul, AET have been providing sound masking for over 20 years, and during that time have innovated solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Projects have varied from 1 speaker to 3,500 speakers in size. Innovative in our design, we have systems for in-plenum, under floor or surface mounted speakers. Our equipment is manufactured for us in the UK giving us an easily controllable supply chain.

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Business meeting or conference room sound masking

Sound Masking

Often for confidentiality it's imperative to obtain speech privacy. Our Sound Masking systems can achieve both speech privacy and relief from distracting sounds. They enable a workforce to concentrate without distraction, thus promoting increased productivity and less worker fatigue.

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Speech privacy in open plan offices

Speech Privacy

Speech Privacy is often a necessity in both cellular and open plan offices. Our sound masking systems can successfully provide relief from irritating or distracting conversations and also enable confidential conversations to take place without the concern of being overheard.

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Sound absorbing accoustic panels

Acoustic Panels

Primarily used in busy offices and often found in theatres, broadcasting studios, churches and cinemas, our Acoustic Panels provide excellent acoustic absorption. Whilst our Photocoustic Panels combine any image with an acoustic panel for an exciting decorative or corporate theme.

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AET accoustic products and services

Other Products

At AET we are acoustic engineers who, on a day to day basis find acoustic solutions to a wide variety of noise problems. This has led to us providing innovative and versatile solutions. We provide product solutions that suit your acoustic needs.

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